About Us

Dear Parents and MaST Stakeholders,

MaST decided in 2008 that it would focus its energy in defining a new space that would allow the K-12 population to think and collaborate together in a resource-based, futuristic center where limitations don’t exist and planning is executed with student learning and future growth in the plans at all times.

The Library Media Center is a place where the traditional library space is synced into new levels of creativity and function, where students can visualize and read at the same time, and where technology is embedded into the pure functions of the space. Students today have to prepare themselves for a competitive future and MaST is providing a space that offers a variety of research materials, different types of learning spaces, interactive centers, touchscreen computers, iPads, interactive boards, and the help and support of caring teachers and assistants. The concept of the spaces focused around building “a library,” at a time when libraries were starting to close and fold because of the ability to go online for research and “Googling” for information. The Board of Trustees knew that money would be an issue and had prepared itself financially by obtaining a very high bond rating, thus allowing MaST to design and build a space that you have to experience.

The building opened in mid-September of last year and the first year was a successful growth of excitement and possibility for learning. Summer of 2012, the school focused on creating a vision to really help bring the space to a new level of interactive learning. Continuing with that mission, students will be scheduled to come to class in the Media Center and learn and explore with our Media Specialist, Ms. Balara. The plan is to bring all stakeholders: students, parents, faculty, and MaST supporters to a hub for learning and sharing, a space for collaboration and team-building, and a knowledge-base of materials and research tools that will capitalize on all of vision and expectations that can better prepare our students for the future.

Thanks for your support and participation as we grow out the vision of this space.

John F. Swoyer III, CEO

Ms. Balara, Media Specialist

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