Student Work Gallery

Check out the commercials students made about the Media Center during April, National Library Month.

Here are most of our winners from our commercial contest!

3rd and 6th Grade created digital scrapbooks on iPads after finding facts with Media Center resources. Students worked in pairs on a topic that has been covered in their Social Studies or Science classes. Once the students had their facts, they were asked to create scrapbook pages as a final assessment.  

4th Grade Digital Scrapbooks:


5th Grade Digital Scrapbooks


6th Grade Digital Scrapbooks:

Students in grades 5 and 6 were asked to research Presidents. The students were only permitted to use books to find their facts. Once they were finished writing their facts in full sentences, students typed their facts into self designed avatars. The website used is called Voki and allows students to type text and have their characters speak for them.